WL Echo Zhu

  • 2020
  • Design
  • Interior Design - BA (Hons)

WL Echo Zhu: Astronomy Culture Centre

WL Echo Zhu
Astronomy Culture Centre

What do you want people to know about your graduation project?

The Astronomy Culture Centre is to deal with the gap between people and astronomy.

It is designed as an interior station where the public can engage with sky events and explore the world above with interactive galleries and simulation technology. It helps visitors to seek to understand our role in the universe and to care about the future of humanity.

What or who is your inspiration and why is following this route important to you? 

‘Astronomy for All’ is the motto of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). If “All” is a very vast term to define society and its communities, “Astronomy” as a body of knowledge is also similarly vast.

However, astronomy lacks an effective way to reach the masses, and visitors find it hard to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the universe in a traditional museum setting. 

I have tried to create a virtual visitor experience that will help astronomy reach the masses.

Astronomy is not just about scientific advances or technological applications; it is also a part of humanity’s culture. It has repeatedly revolutionized the way we think, and the way we see the world and our place in the larger universe.

WL Echo Zhu Astronomy Culture Centre
WL Echo Zhu
Astronomy Culture Centre
WL Echo Zhu_Interior Design - BA (Hons)_2020_Astronomy Culture Centre _3.jpg
WL Echo Zhu
Astronomy Culture Centre

What has been your favourite thing about ECA and Edinburgh?

The most memorable thing in Edinburgh is the snow-capped castle seen from Evolution House.

I also enjoyed my time spent in the ECA library with art magazines and journals. Great materials build up an artistic atmosphere, where I could be very inspired and develop my creative ideas.

What are your hopes for life after ECA? Do you have any plans?

I plan to do a Masters programme in architecture design and find an internship related to my major. I expect to work internationally in the future to do projects around the world and get in touch with different cultures.

Is there anything you’d like to share about your experience studying here?

Design students benefit a lot from sharing their ideas and getting responses from others.


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