Daphne Jiyeon Jang

  • 2020
  • Art
  • Contemporary Art Practice – MFA/MA

Daphne Jiyeon Jang: Strayed Glory - The Story of Elgin/Parthenon Marbles

Strayed Glory - The Story of Elgin/Parthenon Marbles

What do you want people to know about your graduation project? 

My work! “Strayed Glory” is inspired by the story of the Elgin/Parthenon marbles between Greece and the UK. By doing reunification and introducing the story of the marbles through “Moving Sculpture”, I hope people will speculate about the present state of the Elgin/Parthenon marbles and hope to figure out the situation with more knowledge.

Using self-generated, 3D models I hope to ‘unfreeze’ the fixed identity and meaning of historical works, by reanimating these classical artefacts in the present. By constructing a virtual space within which classical sculptures are able to move and gesture, "Moving Sculptures is designed to unravel the frozen time of antiquity and hint at hidden narrative meanings in the past, that still reverberate in the present.

What or who is your inspiration and why is following this route important to you?

I got inspirations from human beings, social issues and the state of the present day by reflecting and reconsidering between the past and present.

My artistic inspiration mostly comes from people and the world around me. The reason that I do work is that I hope my artworks will possess an emotional power that will engage the viewer, inviting them to reconsider the nature of the past and the relevance and importance of classical, mythic stories and tales in contemporary culture.

What has been your favourite thing about ECA? And Edinburgh?

Seriously, I love everything of the ECA and the mood of Edinburgh!

First of all, tutoring is wonderful. There are artist-tutors who have a lot of experiences and they are a wonderful, good listeners and mentors. The technical assistance was also the best! There are amazing and diverse facilities for producing artworks. For me, Q Digital was so important and helpful, and made it possible to do a large, multicultural projection study. The staff were so supportive and students could learn new tools and techniques as well.

Last but not least, the building itself, including the Sculpture Court, the Main Building stairs and studios were the best places to do work and testing. Due to the multiple projection testing, having use of spaces like this are an important part of my work. Thankfully, circumstances at ECA made it possible to make my work more abundant and developed.

What are your hopes for life after ECA? Do you have any plans?

As an artist, I will go back to the real world. I am convinced sincerity of artists’ imaginations come to the realization. I will do more study about my theory and my work and listen to the social issues on peoples’ minds. As an artist, I will focusing more on drawing what I mean and mean what I create. Also, as an ECA alumni and an artist, I hope I am able to share emotions through my work with more and more audiences.


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Strayed Glory - The Story of Elgin/Parthenon Marbles
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Strayed Glory - The Story of Elgin/Parthenon Marbles

Is there anything you’d like to share about your experience studying here, perhaps relating to the things you’ve learned?

My life at the ECA and Edinburgh was all very chocolate box.

There were so many expected and also unexpected things, but all of the events were sweet as chocolate. Edinburgh has so many opportunities for a young artist, and I would say that to a fellow student at ECA, please enjoy as much as you can!

I experienced a lot of fun and precious things. I met wonderful people, experienced a number of shows, got amazing chances, learnt various things and made so many memories in Edinburgh. 

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