Anna Wallace Reid

  • 2020
  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture - MLA

Anna Wallace Reid: Future Croft

Anna Wallace Reid
Future Croft

What do you want people to know about your graduation project?

I started this project by drawing a life-sized model of a sheep... Thankfully, this evolved, and became a body of work that aims to consider the ways in which human occupation and more-than-human action can be integrated into the landscape stewardship and design of the Scottish Highlands.

The project challenged the commodification of non-human species, before going on to explore how an alternative human and non-human relationship, one focused primarily on socio-ecological values, might sustain the land for future generations.

What or who is your inspiration and why is following this route important to you?

Before I began studying landscape architecture at ECA, I was working as a socially engaged artist. This influenced my approach to the course, particularly when it came to searching for inspiration in everyday social interactions and finding ways to collaborate with the community. However, my definition of community has definitely expanded to include non-human species too!

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Anna Wallace Reid
Future Croft
Anna Wallace Reid_Landscape Architecture - MLA_2020_Future Croft_6.jpg
Anna Wallace Reid
Future Croft

What has been your favourite thing about ECA and Edinburgh?

My favourite thing about ECA was the Free-Use Hub! It’s a fantastic space for students to give away any spare materials with the knowledge that another student might find some use for it in their work. Every art school should have one.

Edinburgh itself is a beautiful city to live in and should you want to escape ‘city life’ every so often as I did, then it was only a 30-minute cycle to the sea or the hills.

What are your hopes for life after ECA? Do you have any plans?

Alongside five other recent graduates, I have been invited to contribute work on behalf of ECA at the 11th International Biennale for Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to seeing how the exhibition will come about next year – I hope!

Is there anything you’d like to share about your experience studying here?

I loved every minute of my landscape architecture masters at ECA.

The landscape department are incredibly creative, driven and supportive, and with course mates coming from a huge variety of backgrounds, I was exposed to new perspectives of design that otherwise I know I would have missed. I recommend!


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