Anke Dietrich

  • 2020
  • Design
  • Graphic Design - MFA/MA

Anke Dietrich: The Journey to Happiness

Anke Dietrich
The Journey to Happiness

What do you want people to know about your graduation project?

My graduation project ‘The Journey to Happiness’ explores a range of solutions informed by my research into the achievement of happiness and addresses everyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

The campaign consists of various different suitable formats expressing a vibrant and emotive visual language. It exhibits an arresting and unique combination of traditional letterpress letters with textures and colours derived from risograph printing. The motion graphics, the opportunity for interaction and innovative, engaging ideas create a meaningful outcome which informs but also actively contributes to the audience’s happiness specifically through the design and format.

What or who is your inspiration and why is following this route important to you?

Graphic designers have social responsibility due to their power to influence people. I knew my Masters project would be my opportunity to explore the idea of making a positive contribution to people’s lives through graphic design which is why I chose to explore formats that increase people’s happiness.

Moreover, I realised this would probably also be my last chance to work on something where I would have the complete freedom to really experiment with design, to overcome common design rules, explore what’s possible and to push boundaries in order to grow as a designer.

What has been your favourite thing about ECA and Edinburgh?

My favourite thing about ECA was the encouragement to experiment and to try out new and innovative things. The teaching approach is to rather push you to take risks than being on the safe side which is what a Masters in Design should be about.

Additionally, the print facilities and workshops enhance this by offering endless possibilities to explore and combine different techniques in order to create unique outcomes. They bring you back to the roots and make you understand what design was, and still is, about.

And needless to say that Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful, diverse and inspiring cities which can offer anything you can dream of.

What are your hopes for life after ECA? Do you have any plans?

I hope to be employed in an exciting, challenging and fulfilling job as a graphic designer in an agency helping my customers to tell their stories. Art director or freelancer is my goal in the long run. I’m open for opportunities in Germany, Scotland or even another country. I’m flexible, hard-working and always up for an adventure.

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Anke Dietrich
The Journey to Happiness
Anke Dietrich_Graphic Design - MFA_MA_2020_The Journey to Happiness_2.jpg
Anke Dietrich
The Journey to Happiness

Is there anything you’d like to share about your experience studying here?

I’ve learned that universal design rules and common assumptions of what we see as graphic design should not create boundaries in our thinking.  

Graphic design can be anything and designers should take its endless possibilities and new developments into account in order to tell a story in its best way.

Rather than always playing it safe and relying on common design knowledge and formats, graphic design should be reinvented occasionally to create ‘wowing’ moments with innovative design ideas in order to keep up the importance and relevance of graphic design in the future.


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