Jasmine Linington

  • 2019
  • Design
  • Textiles - MFA

Jasmine Linington, Textiles - MFA: Sustainability and seaweed

Jasmine Linington is tackling the devastating environmental impacts of the fashion and textile industry in her final project, producing work that uses seaweed as one of its core materials. “I have been looking at seaweed and its versatility within the industry for a while,” says the MFA Textiles student, “I did my undergraduate degree at Edinburgh College of Art and touched on seaweed in my final year as well, but I wanted to explore it more, so I came back to do that.” 

As well as looking at the global picture, the project was a personal one for Jasmine. “I’ve always lived by the coast, but I’ve had a bit of a phobia of seaweed for most of my life,” she says, “I happened to be walking along the coast as I was thinking about what I could bring to a materials project, and I looked down and realised how beautifully textured and colourful seaweed was. So really that was where it all started.”

Jasmine Linington _Textiles - MFA_2019_Seaweed Girl _1.jpg
Seaweed Girl
Jasmine Linington _Textiles - MFA_2019_Seaweed Girl _3.jpg
Seaweed Girl

Jasmine has explored the various ways that seaweed can be used in her textile production, as a natural dye, as fibres, and as material for embellishments. “It’s a very calming colour palette that showed potential, and there’s plenty more to explore,” said Jasmine, “I’ve produced this supple kelp sequin that’s got a leather-like feel to it as an alternative to plastic sequins. And I’ve also created an eco-bead which shows up all the amazing colours that seaweed has to offer.” 

Producing with the material has meant lots of research and trial and error for Jasmine. “I’m happy with the outcomes I’ve found so far. Another challenge is that it’s quite a long process at the moment. I’m having to forage for the seaweed, bring it back, handle it, and get it to the final stage,” she said, “At the moment my project is really aimed at high-end fashion and textiles, but ultimately I see this as a material that can be more broadly used in the industry. Hopefully we can find a quicker process in the future.” 

After graduating, Jasmine plans to continue to develop our understanding of how seaweed could be used in the fashion and textile industry. “I’d love to see if I’m able to work for myself and create pieces that I’m able to sell. I’ve obtained a small-scale seaweed harvesting license, so I’m hoping to continue developing my methods sustainably and respectfully.”

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