Jamie Duncan

  • 2018
  • Art
  • Painting - BA (Hons)

Jamie Duncan, Painting - BA (Hons): Taking inspiration from the geometric landscape of the urban city

Jamie Duncan’s final year project is influenced by the factors that capture an individual’s attention. He has been encouraged to display his work verbally and visually, internally and externally, at the University and various locations.


My work in my final year has been drawn from an entwined interest in the geometric landscape of the urban city. Within this, I am intrigued by the elements which construct and navigate an individual’s attention. This concern with the built environment addresses the relationship between abstraction, not only in painting but in architecture.

I am drawn to the language of construction in a literal sense of steel, bricks and concrete. I consider the process of collecting discarded construction materials to be a contemporary archaeology and the material qualities of these objects hold a visual record of the processes that created them, both of construction and decay.

At the start of fourth year, I decided to develop my work by considering new mediums and techniques. This inquiry led me to explore other facilities offered at the Edinburgh College of Art, one of which was the metal workshop. This opportunity allowed me to understand the particularities of different metals and its properties. This new knowledge of materials, such as metals, motivated me to focus on my built environment as well as other elements such as iconography.

Flammable Solid and Liquid
Flammable Solid and Liquid
Flammable Solid and Liquid
Flammable Solid and Liquid


I am very grateful for the support and help I have received from my tutor, Neil Clements, in my final year. His encouragement has helped me to visualise and sustain my work. This has also been supported by the technicians in the wood and metal workshops, who have been incredibly helpful and have assisted me by providing knowledge on specifics in relation to materials, methods and tools.

We are encouraged to present our work inside and outside Edinburgh College of Art, verbally and visually, to form an understanding of how we want our work to be perceived. These key components prepare us to construct an idea, which, overall, amounts to the installation of our Degree Show.

To de-stress I generally like cooking, as another stimulating creative outlet. I find cooking is a time for me to revitalise mentally and physically. It is also an important time to relax and reflect with others.

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