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School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Rachel Milne
Architecture - MArch


Göteborg Centrum för Scenekonst


'The Swedish city of Gothenburg lies at 58 degrees North. The parkland of Renstromgatan lies between two contrasting parts of the city: the busy transport interchange of Korvagen and the cultural square of Gotaplatsen. These areas of the city shall be bridged through the design of a Performing Arts College and Public Theatre. Following historic plans of Gothenburg's Tercentennial  Exhibition, a route through the site was developed. The textures of the design were a key element from the patterns of the external paving of the newly created route to the Spruce Timber Shingles that clad the auditoriums. A key concept of the theatre was to highlight the two auditorium volumes through the cladding material and form. The design of the college aimed to be sustainable and able to be adapted in years to come. The CLT structure would allow this part of the design to be easily demolished and re-cycled if required. The material choices and open structure strive to bring the two contrasting areas of the city together and create welcoming pedestrian flows through the floor plans.'