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School of Art
Lucy Martin
Graphic Design - MA


Mrs & Mrs


We collaborated on our independent project to bring to life a performance costume designer’s collection. We are interested in taking a brand beyond a product to sell the lifestyle of that brand. Experiential and sensory design has inspired our project as we feel this is a successful way to engage with the audience.

We collaborated with Linnea From and branded her characters costumes - Mr and Mrs Gardener. We directed a stylistic representation of these characters, by creating a more empowered feminist approach of the pair, by using two female models. During the day, the couple are sickly sweet in love, tending to the garden together. However, behind closed doors, they tend to their seductive fruits where sexual desire takes them to sinful lust and love. We took on the role as Art Directors leading photo-shoots, film-shoots and other design outcomes through collaboration with students across the university.  We look forward to exhibiting our project within an experiential display at the degree show.


Idea Award
DBACE Shortlisters